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Alexandre-Émile BéguyerSpring's Diagramde Chancourtois Banner


Harkins and Hall's Periodic Table

1820 Born on the 20th of January.
1848 Became professor of Topography and the preparatory courses.
1855 He works with Play with the organization of the World Fair.
1856 Principal private secretary of Prince Napoleon to the transitory ministry for Algeria.

He became officially the substitute.
1857 Became the youngest Officer of the Legion of Honour then commander.
1862 He started to compensate Émile de Beaumont
1875 Named titular of the pulpit of Geology

A decree of 21st of January reorganized the Service. Mr. Jacquot, Inspector general of the Mines.
1886 Died Inspector general of first class on 14th of November.
1887 Named director of the Service and remained at his head until his retirement.