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Alexandre-Émile BéguyerSpring's Diagramde Chancourtois Banner

Life of the Telluric Helix

Emerson's Helix

1862 Telluric Helix or Screw.
1872 Meyer's Spiral System.
1881 Spring's Diagram.
1898 Crookes' vis generatrix.
1911 Emerson's Helix.

Soddy's Three-Dimensional System.
1916 Harkins And Hall's Periodic Table.
1920 Schaltenbrand's Helical Periodic Table.

Kohlweiler's System.
1925 Courtines' Periodic Classification.

Friend's Periodic System.
1928 Janet's Three-Dimensional Spiral-Tube System.
1934 Romanoff's System.
1943 Finke's Spatial System.
1947 Stedman's Conic System.
1949 Wringley's Lamina System.
1951 Chicago Museum of Science And Industry Periodic Table.
1960 Spherical Periodic Table.
1965 Alexander DeskTopper Arrangement.
1974 Marzus Wooden Version of Mendeleev's Periodic Table.

Mazurs' PT Formulation Analysis.
1980 Periodic RoundTable.
1983 Cement Chemists Cubic Periodic Table.

Pyramid Periodic Table.
1995 Chemical Helix Periodic Table.
1996 Dufour's Periodic Tree.
1997 Progressive Periodic Table of The Elements.
2003 Physicist's Periodic Table by Timothy Stowe.

Cylinder With Bulges Periodic Table.

Elephant Periodic Table.

Electronegativity Periodic Table.

Ukrainian Periodic Table.
2004 Rafael Poza Periodic Table.
2005 Pyramid Format Periodic Table.
2007 ADOMAH Tetrahedron Periodic Table.

Gyroscopic Periodic Table.

Second Life Periodic Table.
2008 Rafael Poza's Elements and the Magnetosphere.

Tomás A. Carroll's Spherical And Russian Doll Formulations.

Stack of Elements Periodic Table.
2009 Graphic Representations of the Periodic System.

Steve Jensen's In-Finite Form.

Nasco’s Periodic Table Toss-Up Ball.

Russian MedFlower Periodic Table.
2010 3-D Strange Periodic Table.
2011 Bayeh's Theoretical Periodic Table of Elements.